Shaping the future
 of animal health

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Focusing on animal health,
from the beginning

Virbac offers veterinarians, farmers and pet owners in more than 100 countries a comprehensive and practical range of products and services. With these innovative solutions covering the majority of animal species and diseases, Virbac contributes, day after day, to shape the future of animal health.

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2018 annual results

2019/03/18 - Financial public releases

2018 operating profit from ordinary activities grew by 13.4%

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Dogs’ dental health: an online awareness campaign that really bites!

2019/01/31 - Products

At the end of 2018, Virbac launched an online campaign in North America encouraging owners to consult their veterinarian about their dog’s dental health. It included a humorous video broadcasted on social networks, featuring a rubber toy that hates being chewed by a dog with bad breath.

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2018 Annual consolidated sales

2019/01/17 - Financial public releases

2018 annual revenue grew by +4.5% at constant exchange rates

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